Carlos Haering Lawyers is a personal project of Carlos Haering. We are an entrepreneurial law firm with a firm focus on quality of service and personalised attention. Our values are deeply rooted in mutual trust, empathy, transparency and the highest level of professionalism.

Carlos Haering Lawyers’ practice is founded on advising our clients with the highest level of transparency, keeping them abridged at all times regarding the possibilities of our successful outcome, recommending the next steps, and informing them about the ongoing evolution of the legal matters they put in our hands.

Our firm’s legal knowledge, expertise and work ethics are dedicated to providing legal advice and conflict resolution within the court system.

10 years of experience and continuous training

Carlos Haering Rodríguez began studying Law in 2002, at the Universidad San Pablo CEU, in Madrid, where he achieved his Law Degree in 2007. He continued his studies of European Law at the Université Paris 1 Phanthéon la Sorbonne, in Paris, where he graduated as DESUP d´Études juridiques et économiques de l’Union Européenne in 2008.

Back in Madrid, he worked both at the energy company ENDESA and as Deputy Head of the Colegio Mayor Universitario de San Pablo.

In 2009, he moved to Costa del Sol, where he worked in several law firms and grew his knowledge and expertise in the practice of Civil Law. During that period, he represented hundreds of clients against advocates and banks and also worked on specific issues within the realm of Criminal and Trade Law.

Following that, the economic crisis prompted him to refocus his law practice on Consumer Rights and Banking Law, due to the increasing demand in those areas of legal practice.

His most important wins have been connected to the recovery of funds paid by property purchasers in Costa del Sol. Carlos Haering was one of the first lawyers to claim bank reimbursements for individuals who had purchased off-plan dwellings, based on Law 57/68. This grew to become one of his legal specialities and one of the main drivers of the firm’s law practice.
He has also filed several cases against abusive clauses in bank mortgage loans, such as the “Cláusula Suelo”, IRPH and unlawful mortgage costs, and achieved nullifying decisions on several toxic finance products such as preferential shares, subordinated debentures and swaps.

His law practice also encompasses Property Law, in which he advises clients on the sale and purchase of real estate property in Costa del Sol. In parallel to his law practice, Carlos Haering is constantly expanding his knowledge and training on legal matters. In 2011, he graduated as Máster en Práctica Jurídica Economist and Jurist by the Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía. In 2014, he participated in a course on Derecho de Daños at UDIMA, the Universidad a Distancia de Madrid.

In June 2018, with the intention of providing a higher level of professional, personalised legal service, he founded Carlos Haering Lawyers, the firm where he personally attends to every client who chooses to hire our services.

Carlos Haering Rodríguez

Carlos Haering Rodríguez