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Civil Law or Non-Criminal Law is the branch of the Law that deals with the private rights of people in general, including multiple aspects of interpersonal relationships. It deals with all matters related to contracts, claims, relationships, private interests, property, amongst other aspects.

Trust in the advice of a lawyer to solve or prevent many of the usual conflicts in everyday life that anybody might encounter. Generally, these issues can be dealt with easily, comfortably and favourably for you, with the aid of proper legal counsel.

Prevent unnecessary worries and gain peace of mind. Carlos Haering Lawyers offers legal advice, representation and defence for all types of mediations and proceedings in civil courts and tribunals.

  • Civil or personal liability
  • Drafting and revision of all types of contracts
  • Successions and wills
  • Claims for due payments and debts
  • Compensations
  • Assistance to Notary Public offices
  • Leases
  • Evictions
  • Easements and expiration of ownership