Commercial lawyer in Marbella


Whether you are considering starting a business in Marbella or if you already own a business or company, having proper legal counsel in matters of Commercial Law is crucial.

Starting a business or dealing with its day-to-day operations is never a simple matter, especially if you have employees. If you consider the myriad daily tasks that a small business entails, you will find that having access to a trustworthy lawyer with expertise in Commercial Law can make your life easier by providing the legal advice and protection you need.

Many of the usual circumstances of business operations include substantial legal burdens that are better consulted with an expert lawyer to ensure that you are doing everything lawfully and to prevent any possible problems. Hiring a lawyer is not a luxury but a necessity.

Prevent unnecessary worries and gain peace of mind and legal protection for your business. Carlos Haering Lawyers offers legal advice, representation and defence for all types of mediations and proceedings related to Commercial Law. You can discuss with us any matter or question regarding your business concerns.

  • Company formation
  • Business operations
  • Drafting and revision of all types of contracts
  • Claims for due payments and debts
  • Arrangements with creditors or IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangements.)
  • Liability of company directors