Labour lawyer in Marbella

Carlos Haering Labour Lawyers in Marbella

Labour Law is the area of the Law that deals with relationships between employers and employees and any possible, related conflicts.

After the hardest years of the financial crisis passed, the consequences on the job market are clearly evident in the rise of job instability, the erosion of workers’ rights and the increase in labour disputes due to non-payment, changes in work conditions, abusive or unfair dismissals and work stoppages due to businesses closing down.

A job position has become a valuable asset that is worth keeping, and no worker is free from the threat of impending problems during their working life.
Nowadays, it is important to have the counsel of a labour lawyer to prevent or resolve problems and circumstances that oftentimes can be dealt with easily, comfortably and favourably for either the worker or the employer with the aid of proper legal counsel.

Defend your labour rights. Prevent unnecessary worries and gain peace of mind. Carlos Haering, Labour Lawyer offers legal advice, representation and defence for all types of mediations and labour disputes.

  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • Termination of employment contracts
  • Substantial modifications in working conditions
  • Advice on workplace harassment and mobbing
  • Sanctions: Labour disciplinary regime
  • Unlawful dismissals
  • Compensations
  • Work disability
  • Permits and leaves of absence
  • Layoff authorisation permits or ERE (Expedientes de Regulación de Empleo)
  • Collective disputes